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Sitting in the grass. A butterfly flew past. I always think of my godmother when I see butterflies. For the first time I wasn’t overcome with grief, just love. Even after death she’s still a positive influence on our lives. She was that exceptional of a person. I’ll keep striving to be to be as filled with grace and peace as she had all throughout my life. Miss you


  • Samy: Do you want the rest of my piece?
  • Becky: Peas? When did you have time to make peas?
  • Samy: My piece of cake
  • Becky: Why would you say "piece"? Like just say cake.
  • Samy: Would you like a bowl of peas?
  • Samy: I like to sleep naked except when Batman's there.... It's weird then.
  • Becky: I want a heart shape cake from Dairy Queen with leopard on the side. It should say something like Shitballs Motherfucker on it.
  • Samy: What are you sketchily writing over there?
  • Batman: My humans are losers.

Typical me. Little head cold settled into my lungs. Lungs are apparently still pissed about last year pneumonia or something. And now it’s infected. The antibiotics are working but they wipe me out and I have trouble keeping them down. So I’m off work till Monday and bored out of my mind. Just sitting in my house watching movies, talking to the animals, and having impressive coughing fits which leave me with a crypt keeper voice. All from what just started as a headache. This is a really shitty month.

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