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  • Samy: Do you want the rest of my piece?
  • Becky: Peas? When did you have time to make peas?
  • Samy: My piece of cake
  • Becky: Why would you say "piece"? Like just say cake.
  • Samy: Would you like a bowl of peas?
  • Samy: I like to sleep naked except when Batman's there.... It's weird then.
  • Becky: I want a heart shape cake from Dairy Queen with leopard on the side. It should say something like Shitballs Motherfucker on it.
  • Samy: What are you sketchily writing over there?
  • Batman: My humans are losers.

Typical me. Little head cold settled into my lungs. Lungs are apparently still pissed about last year pneumonia or something. And now it’s infected. The antibiotics are working but they wipe me out and I have trouble keeping them down. So I’m off work till Monday and bored out of my mind. Just sitting in my house watching movies, talking to the animals, and having impressive coughing fits which leave me with a crypt keeper voice. All from what just started as a headache. This is a really shitty month.

I lost one of the things I hold most dear in this world on Saturday. I know a lot of people make fun of me for how attached I get to my pets but that’s probably why I prefer animals company to people most of the times. People can really be horrible. But for fifteen years she was a sign of safety and comfort. Since grade three she would greet me at the top of the stairs and I would tell her all about my day. Especially the bad ones. I would tell her everything I couldn’t tell anyone. I grew older but she was still my baby, still my friend, and still waited at the top if the stairs for me. For being so tiny she laid claim to a big chunk if my heart. I couldn’t be there with her on Saturday and that breaks my heart a little more. But I’m assured she went very peacefully and knowing nothing but love. I don’t know quite how to end this so I’ll just say goodnight Eboney. I love you and I will miss you. I was so happy being your “human”. You were a part of our family. So goodnight Princess. Miss you.

"Like a golden ginger…. They’re pretty. And evil. Only things that pretty are evil."


i’m gettin real fuckin tired of not being a cat

Most over thought thought I’ve had all week.

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Men’s Hockey Semi-Final - Feb 21st, 2014 - Sochi View high resolution

Men’s Hockey Semi-Final - Feb 21st, 2014 - Sochi

So I know, instead of eating gummy candies (ya did good kid …ya did good) and dancing in the kitchen to Beyonce, tonight I am drinking water, neocitron (I’m classifying that as sorta lemon water…sorta…with other things in it), and eating gummy candies. Who rocks Wednesdays? We rock Wednesdays!

Nobody wants to be a whimple face

I read this article out loud. So many good points, but these ones made my guy ache and my voice crack as I read them. 
Read the whole thing here View high resolution

I read this article out loud. So many good points, but these ones made my guy ache and my voice crack as I read them.
Read the whole thing here

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