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I love this country with all my heart

We totalled our dear beloved Equinox last Sunday. Or more a stupid four pointer buck was in a bad place at the wrong time and jumped out in front of Equie on the highway. She was such a good car. For people that have had a cloud of bad luck in automobile department, it was sweet, beautiful time as we stopped holding our breath and enjoyed having a reliable car. Then in a flash of air bags and radiator fluid spewed across the road, it was gone. Counting our blessings that was the worst of it. It was just a car, and we are safe. Just whiplash and some aches.
I’m the worst person to help in the search for a replacement vehicle. Apparently the following reasons to discredit possible candidates are not valid: “I don’t like the colour”, “It looks like a hearse”, “I can’t hook up my iPod”, “The dealership is giving me bad vibes”, “But the other one has heated seats”, “How well would this take a moose/giant deer?”etc.

I drank like I was teenager again. God bless my mother for stock piling the cold storage with Gatorade.

BANKS - Change (Live Acoustic Version) - YouTube

Torn from my diary two years ago. Sometimes I look back in order to keep myself moving forward.

"It’ll all work out eventually. Better off with him than here with me" -Tom Petty & the Heartbreakees

End of August. Learning new noises. Being kind.

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